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...to the fascinating world of Amateur Radio. So, you want to become a Ham Operator; well this site was designed with you in mind.

From the steps it takes to get your license, equipment ideas to set-up your station, key terms and definitions you will need to know, along with other valuable tips, we have it here. Take a few moments and browse the site, and if you have any questions...I am always available to help a new enthusiast. You will find my contact information under Contact Me.

As a method of communications, Amateur Radio has opened doors for hundreds of thousands of individuals providing an opportunity to connect with others with similar interests in all corners of the world. It is the one hobby where the common folk can talk to: Royalty, Entertainment Icons, and Politicians. There is no barrier to the conversations that take place and each Ham operator is on a level which is equal with the other person. A great way to promote fellowship and community service.

You will find this 'hobby' is a unique mix of fun, fellowship, and public service opportunities. We get involved for many reasons but we all have one goal in common: To communicate with other people without boundaries. A World at Your Fingertips!